Occupy Oakland Protesters to Join with American Indian protestors on Black Friday

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA - American Indians in the San Francisco Bay Area announce the 10th Anniversary of Annual Black Friday Protests Against Bay Street Mall, scheduled for this Friday, November 25.
Members of Occupy Oakland/Decolonize Oakland will join the protest this year. In a unanimous vote last evening, the General Assembly endorsed the Black Friday protest, acknowledging the centuries of genocide that have taken place against the Native inhabitants of this land; the United States has, in fact, been 'occupied' for over 500 years. It is only through the recognition of the rights of Indigenous peoples to have their sacred places accessible and intact that the historical injustices can begin to be addressed.
Beginning at 12 noon, protestors will gather at the Bay Street Mall to contest the continued desecration of sacred sites. This shopping center opened in 2000, amid massive controversy.
It was erected atop one of the last remaining shellmounds - the traditional burial sites of the Ohlone people who are the original inhabitants of the Bay Area. With blatant disregard for the desires of the local Native community, developers and the City of Emeryville plowed ahead with construction of the mall and Indigenous peoples have since expressed their outrage annually on this busiest of shopping days.

All are invited to join in this family-friendly event.

Meet at the corner of Ohlone Way and Shellmound Street from 12 noon to 3:00 pm to educate shoppers about the history of the mall and pay respects to the ancient burial ground upon which it sits.
photo credit OccupyOakland.org
posted November 23, 2011 6:00 am est

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